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If you`re in the market for a contract, you may have come across the terms „turnkey” and „non-turnkey.” These two types of contracts have distinct differences and it`s important to understand them before making a decision.

A turnkey contract is a contract in which the contractor is responsible for everything from the design to the construction and all the way through to the final completion. It`s a fixed-price contract, where the contractor takes on the responsibility of delivering a completed project to the client, without any further involvement on the client`s end.

A non-turnkey contract, on the other hand, is a contract in which the client is more involved in the project. This type of contract is more customizable and allows the client to make decisions and changes throughout the process. A non-turnkey contract can cover design, construction, maintenance, and other necessary aspects of the project, but it is more flexible and allows for more input from the client.

The key difference between turnkey and non-turnkey contracts is the level of involvement that the client has in the project. In turnkey contracts, the client is usually hands-off, and the contractor is responsible for everything. In non-turnkey contracts, the client is more involved and can make decisions about the project.

When choosing between turnkey and non-turnkey contracts, it`s essential to consider the nature and scope of the project. If you`re looking for a more hands-off approach, a turnkey contract may be the best option. If you want more control and input, a non-turnkey contract will provide you with that flexibility.

Another factor to consider is cost. Turnkey contracts are usually more expensive, as the contractor takes on a greater risk and responsibility. Non-turnkey contracts, on the other hand, allow for more customization and are often less expensive.

In conclusion, turnkey and non-turnkey contracts have their unique advantages and disadvantages. It`s crucial to consider the nature of your project, the level of involvement you want, and the cost before making a decision. No matter which contract you choose, be sure to read it thoroughly and seek legal advice before signing to ensure that you`re protected and satisfied with the terms.