Fundamentally, it is revealed that new event is fought between Ken and you will some youngsters from C-Class

Kikyo next accumulates the category to the helping show the fresh new latter’s innocence of the inquiring Kiyotaka in the event that he’s going to assist that the guy believes and you may she seeks an equivalent having Suzune exactly who brushes their of and you can renders. After they sought out witnesses, she along with her group was indeed distressed that little came up just like the others began recommending Ken try sleeping on their worry about-safeguards. Kiyotaka is questionable of your own render as Kikyo are nevertheless perplexed from the their conclusion before Honami assured him you to definitely the woman methods was basically really-meaning, just like the she reported that she got a debt due so you can your you to definitely she wants to repay. Kikyo was then curious to know what exactly Honami due Kiyotaka.

She knew discover an instance considering some body called Kikyo Kushida however, claimed she yourself didn’t learn one facts a lot more than that

From inside the university cruise, she has herself at the pool ahead of becoming called upon by the Kanji Ike just who requires to talk to the woman. It satisfy and then he looks afraid when he requires to-name the lady by the girl first-name hence she lets. She after that requested consent to your if or not she will do the exact same for your. She is postponed by their adventure but is found smiling regarding it. She inquired if he had been scared being alone together and this he confirms since she teaches you she got you to imagine just before she goes back so you can her happy worry about-assured. She in addition to seemed to have to make sure he understands things however, backs aside from the last minute and just simply leaves.

In the middle of the test, she noticed their and you will Suzune’s romantic relationship once again since other college students got mention from it too ahead of kidding together. Shortly after Haruki Yamauchi threw mud to your Suzune, it absolutely was Kikyo whom told the second to wash herself upwards.

Pursuing the emergency area take to, she plus the classification give thanks to Suzune on her behalf „help” in passing the test. She slides off to talk with Kiyotaka, she cards about how exactly preferred Suzune came into existence and you can she informed me one to she dislikes Suzune on account of the girl without a hidden front side. She and additionally expected when the he previously to determine ranging from exterior with this lady or Suzune as he remarked the guy don’t know as she jokingly phone calls your suggest.

Whenever Honami showed up and you may claims she’ll help Kikyo and you may her members of the family out in proving Sudo’s innocence, Kikyo joyfully thanked Honami on her help

From inside the Volume 4, Kikyo started initially to cooperate having Kakeru regarding the VIP guessing games. For every single classification consists of college students regarding all the classes. Their group, new Dragon classification, consisted of aces out-of every classes but Honami out-of B-Group. Suzune structured which have Hirata believing that the fresh VIP which is in the D-Category wouldn’t be accurately suspected. not, Kushida secretly offered a signal to another kinds before the past class ended, allowing all the participants to correctly suspected the new VIP. Even though the impact don’t end up in a bad impact on the class issues, this utterly humiliated Suzune’s confidence and you may pleasure, which was as well as the main goal out of Kakeru.

For the Regularity 5, Kikyo continued to provide Kakeru assistance to advance embarrass Suzune throughout the newest football event. She offered the fresh range-upwards of all the D-group professionals in just about any battle in order that Kakeru can also be perfectly break Suzune. Their step results in breaking down outcome of most of the battle from D-Category. She, but not, did not value shedding classification facts but solely worried about how-to wreck Suzune. Pursuing the event, Suzune deduced that previous losings was because of Kikyo’s betrayal and you will confronted the girl. Suzune believed the reason could well be that they each other came from a similar secondary school. Kikyo answered one to she’s going to eradicate even the minuscule bit of chance foundation it doesn’t matter how Suzune know or said and she will surely expel their.